HCS parents frustrated over cost to print hundreds of pages, feel left behind

Making The Grade

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Hundreds of virtual families signed a petition after some moms say they’ve spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on printing worksheets that students in school would be getting for free.

The creator of the petition whose two kids would be going to River Oaks Elementary in Carolina Forest, but are learning virtually, says parents and kids who chose the brick and mortar option are the priority right now.

“We’re definitely taking a back seat and it’s frustrating,” said Jaclyn Fignole. “It wound up being an issue not just with me that I was running into, so I didn’t feel quite as crazy or alone.”

Now, more than 350 families have signed the petition, asking Horry County Schools to provide packets and workbooks to them.

“I’m printing almost 100 pages a week,” Fignole said.

The Horry County Schools website does say families must be able to print and scan assignments, but Fignole says the district didn’t tell them how many pages it would end up being.

“I thought maybe my kids would need, you know, 10 pages a week each, which is way more understanding than 100 pages for the two of them,” she said. “Another mom got a quote from FedEx thinking that a bundle, just doing it all at once, would save her some money, and it was $1,000 for the year for her one kid.”

She says the option to go back to brick and mortar that thousands agreed to is great, but she has to keep her kids at home because her daughter is immunocompromised.

Right now, printing resources isn’t the only thing Fignole says is a continued issue for virtual families.

“We just had our first live instruction [Tuesday], but even still, it’s only about 30-45 minutes of instruction per course, that’s happening a week, and it’s just not enough,” she said.

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