102-year-old woman accused of killing 92-year-old neighbor at care home


CHÉZY-SUR-MARNE, FRANCE (WBTW) – A 102-year-old woman is accused of killing her 92-year-old neighbor at a care home in France, CNN reports.

A spokesperson for the High Court of Soissons in France told CNN that the 92-year-old woman’s body was found in her room just after midnight Saturday and emergency services were notified.

An autopsy said the 92-year-old woman died by asphyxiation after being punched in the head and strangled, CNN reports.

The spokesperson also told CNN that the woman living in a room next door told a carer she had killed someone, according to CNN. The 102-year-old woman was admitted to a hospital, and then a psychiatric hospital in a “state of confusion and agitation.”

According to CNN, a prosecutor told AFP news the 102-year-old woman will have a psychological exam to decide if she can be held criminally responsible for the death.

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