MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — 12-year-old ‘Running 4 Heroes’ founder Zechariah Cartledge traveled to Myrtle Beach to run a mile for fallen Horry County Police Officer Melton “Fox” Gore and to present a grant.

Zechariah was 9-years-old when he decided he wanted to honor fallen law enforcement all over the country by running 1 mile holding a thin blue line flag.

Now at age 12, Zechariah has run over 800 miles for fallen heroes.

Courtesy: ‘Running 4 Heroes Inc’

“My inspiration started when I was about 9 years old. I ran in a 5k called running the tunnels 5k,” Zechariah Cartledge said. “I was inspired to see all these first responders around me running in their full gear and that kind of inspired me to start doing something good in the community by doing something that I love which is running.”

In addition to running one mile for fallen law enforcement, Zechariah also collects donations and presents them in grants to injured members of law enforcement and their families.

“It gives a great touch in my heart knowing that I’m bringing comfort to families that need it most,” Zechariah said.

Zechariah decided to present the first $10,000 ‘Injured First Responder’ grant to Myrtle Beach Police Officer Andrew Wangstad who was injured in the shooting that killed PFC Jacob Hancher.

“I admire his dedication and his continuing to serve his community of Myrtle Beach,” Zechariah said.

While in Myrtle Beach, Zechariah decided to run his one mile for fallen Horry County Police Officer Melton “Fox” Gore who died this past week.

Zechariah usually does these runs virtually in his hometown in Florida but decided to gather the community together in North Myrtle Beach to honor Officer Gore.

“It’s a great community as well to do it at and it’s an honor to be here to do this today,” Zechariah said.

Zechariah was joined by members of the Horry County Police Department as well.

For more information on ‘Running 4 Heroes’, visit their Facebook page here.