2 Horry County animal shelters close temporarily, putting strain on smaller shelters


HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW)– With two of Horry County’s animal shelters temporarily shut down, others are struggling to take in more animals.

“We are under an extreme amount of pressure right now,” Tina Hunter, executive director of the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach said.

In her 24 years of working at the humane society, Hunter said she’s never seen it as overcrowded as it is now.

“We are way over capacity at the time.” she said. “The public is really frustrated, they’re finding animals but there is nowhere for them to go.”

With the closure of two Horry County shelters, kennels such as Kind Keeper want to help, but first need to find homes for their own animals.

“We really want to try our best to get some of our kennels empty, so none of their animals end up in a bad position,” said Jessica McAteer, Kind Keeper event coordinator.

While they try their best to take in as many as they can, they worry it won’t be enough due to the lack of adoptions. “We really would love to help those shelters rehome their animals but right now we are full and we as well need adoptions,” she said.

Workers hope that under these current circumstances, it will encourage more people to come out and adopt. “That’s what we really desperately need, is for the public to step up,” Hunter said.

Kind Keeper is currently looking for ways to help its overcrowding issues, and McAteer said one solution is building a new facility.

She believes with the help of donations, this facility will help with the overwhelming number of animals being brought in by the community.

“This facility will allow us to take in double the amount of animals we are currently taking on,” she said. “Then we can kind of take the load off of some of the other county shelters and take on more of those animals.”

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