4 inmates charged after allegedly damaging property at Darlington County jail


DARLINGTON, S.C. (WBTW) — Four inmates at the W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center are facing charges after deputies say they caused damage to property at the facility, authorities said.

On Friday, deputies say Sean James manipulated the lock on his cell, allowing him to escape into the commons area. After escaping, he allegedly provoked other inmates to engage in disorderly conduct, causing damage to county property. He was also, according to deputies, found with a broken mop handle.

During the incident, Dontrelle Huff is accused of setting fire to rolled-up paper using an overhead light in his cell.

Dabry James is accused of possessing contraband after deputies found a yellow extension cord during the incident.

Cody Springs is accused of setting his spare issued jumpsuit on fire.

Sean James was charged with attempting to escape, inciting prisoners to riot, and carrying or concealing a weapon. Dontrelle Huff was charged with arson and inciting a riot. Dabry James was charged with having contraband. Cody Springs was charged with arson and participating in a riot.

In a separate incident two days later, warrants say Dabry James was found with a peerless handcuff key and a lighter in his cell. He is also accused of setting a jail uniform and a blanket on fire and tossing them out of the port in his cell door in this incident on September 26. Officials say he also punched a deputy in the face.

Dabry James was later charged with two counts of arson, assault on a police officer and two counts for having contraband.

When asked about the initial jail incident on Friday, Sheriff James Hudson initially told News13 that an inmate simply flooded his cell.

Editor’s note: This article has been edited to indicate that Dabry James is accused of punching a deputy and committing other crimes on September 26.

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