ABC license yanked from NC nightclub after 6 people shot last week


GASTONIA, N.C. (WJZY) — North Carolina’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) has suspended permits for a Gastonia nightclub following a shooting that left two local off-duty police officers injured, the commission announced this weekend.

The suspension is affecting Remedies Nightclub located at 1225 Union Road in Gastonia where four patrons were also shot last week.

The club had its license pulled by ABC following an undercover operation that revealed illegal activity, including narcotics being sold by an employee.

Gastonia police and special agents say they observed criminal activity, violent acts, and have received multiple requests for the police to monitor activity at the nightclub.

Multiple arrests have been made in the past at the location, citations regarding disorderly conduct have been issued, and officers have had to use ‘forceful methods to restrain intoxicated’ customers.

Drugs, guns, and other weapons were observed being left in plain view of vehicles in the parking lot of the business.

On Thursday officials responded to calls regarding gunshots, which they say was the last straw before the alcohol permit was pulled.

A large crowd of nearly 50 people had gathered and a confrontation ensued between people and two off-duty police officers attempted to break up the fight.

Shots were fired into the crowd, specifically aiming at the back of one of the officers, the police report indicated. Two officers and four clubgoers suffered gunshot wounds.


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