FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – People in Florence County had another opportunity to vote ahead of Tuesday’s elections Saturday morning.

Saturday mornings are usually an off day for many people but for poll clerks like Marilyn Mong it was a workday and a workload.

“Oh yes, we were constantly busy which was nice. We didn’t sit down,” Mong said.

This as voters made their way through the  doors of the Florence County Voter Registration and Election Office to cast ballots before Tuesday.

“Over through the years people are caring more and more and I think they can attribute it even to the news programs,” added Mong.

Ballots by the box load are processed at the elections office.

“We have somewhere between thirteen and fifteen hundred votes all together on the voting machines here. In the precincts that’s how many ballots have been cast and a couple hundred paper ballots we’ll be counting as well Tuesday night,” said David Alford, Executive Director of Florence County Voter Registration and Election Board.

Alford says foot traffic at the voter registration office was steady since the doors opened at nine o’clock Saturday morning. He says candidates and their advertisements over the past few weeks is what drove more people to the polls.

“This November I expect Florence County to have a turnout of seventy percent plus in this election and if we get fifteen we’ll be lucky to get fifteen out for this primary,” Alford explained.