Active shooter training course


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Southeast Regional Section 8 Housing Association provided members active shooting training and self defense techniques on Wednesday.

With more than 47 percent of active shootings occurring in the workplace, professionals say this kind of training is needed more than ever before.

Precision Tactics is a company that is professionally trained to offer techniques, skills, and advice to individuals and prepare them for a moment they hope they never have to live.

The professionals offer active shooting simulation that allows individuals to feel the adrenaline and pressure they would feel in a real life attack.

The training involves a variety of interactive live scenarios where participants have to act in high-pressure situations.

The goal of the training course is for participants to experience a variety of situations they may one day face in an office or work setting and know how to react.

“You have got to act immediately. You cannot wait until you hear gunshots and try to see what is going on and run to it. You have to run away from it, hide, fight only if you have to. Use anything you have in your possession to fight with.” SERSHA chairman Randy Allen said.

More businesses and organizations are offering employees and members training to ensure mental and physical preparation in the case of an active shooting.

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