After nearly five decades with the Darlington County School District, Dr. B. Jane Hursey is retiring


DARLINGTON, S.C. (WBTW) — After nearly five decades with the Darlington County School District, Dr. B. Jane Hursey is retiring.

Hursey, a Darlington native, entered the Darlington County School District as a student in first grade at St. Johns Elementary School in the late 50’s and began teaching as a 4th grade teacher at Spring Elementary School in Darlington in 1974. By 1983, Hursey became the youngest principal in the district at St. John’s.

“And I can think about so many children. It’s more about the relationship that you build with them and what they bring to your life and what hopefully you bring to their lives and so you don’t ever forget them,” Dr. Hursey said.

In Hursey’s nearly five decade journey with the district, she held titles of teacher, assistant principal, superintendent and more. She still holds relationships with students she’s taught along way, like her successor Chuck Miller. Miller is the district’s current Director of Personnel. Hursey knew Miller back when she was the principal at Spring Elementary School and he was in first grade.

“I’ve been in this district for 36 years starting in Kindergarten and Dr. Hursey has been part of my life, helping mold me this entire time. So, it’s an honor to be able to continue the legacy that she started,” Miller said.

Hursey is set to retire Thursday and Miller’s new position is in effect July 1. Hursey continued to say even though her time is coming to an and after nearly 50 years with the Darlington County School District she’s certain about one thing.

“I’ve just been very blessed to be called into a profession that will not just give during the time I sit in a very active seat but when I go sit on my front porch it will still continue to give to me and every time I run into one of my children that I’ve had it gives to me again,” Hursey said.

Hursey also stated that once she retires she hopes to publish a children’s book that she worked on back in 1999.

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