Alleged Conway sex offender charged with assault, trespassing


An alleged Conway sex offender has been charged with assault and trespassing. 

According to J. Reuben Long Detention Center booking records, 67-year-old Stephen Ray Jordan, of Conway, was booked around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday. He is charged with assault and battery in the third degree, entry on another’s land for various purposes without permission, and trespassing on another’s land without permission. His bond was set at about $2,950 and he remains in the center as of 7:30 p.m. Monday.

An incident report from the Horry County Police Department says officers responded to the area of Woodall Ct. in Conway on December 26, 2018 for a suspicious person. The victim reported that the suspect, identified in the report at 67-year-old Stephen Ray Jordan, came on to her property and approached several children who were playing.

Witnesses reportedly told police that when they observed the suspect speaking with the children, they contronted the suspect and that the victim reportedly told the suspect to leave her property, according to the report. The victim reportedly told police the suspect returned about seven to eight more times, allegedly entering her property multiple times. A witness reportedly confronted the suspect and asked him to identify himself and the suspect reportedly provided the witness with his drivers license. 

J. Rueben Long Detention Center booking records show Jordan was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree on May 8, 2018. His bond for this charge was set at $10,000 and he was released on May 9. 

Last week, News13’s Julie Calhoun spoke with parents in Conway, who say the alleged sex offender is harrassing their children and they are trying to get him out of their neighborhood.

Parents in the West Ridge Neighborhood said they’re concerned about Jordan being near their children.

“He follows my little girl up to the bus stop every morning to the point where I don’t feel safe with her coming outside or my other children,” said Heather Christian.

Christian said Jordan knows her daughter by name, gave her gifts, and even came into her yard while her children were playing outside. She and several parents have filed a trespassing report. 

“No mother really wants to have that conversation with an 11-year-old and for her to understand that a 67-year-old man wants to do bad things to her,” said Christian.

News 13 reported last week that the Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office tried to revoke Jordan’s bond on Monday, January 14th. Parents wanted to speak at that hearing, but couldn’t because at the time Jordan had not been charged or arrested with trespassing. Now, one mother is hopeful she’ll be able to speak in court.

“It’s good that someone followed through and went back through those police reports and they’re trying to follow through on that. I don’t think he should be out. I don’t think he’s safe around children and I think his continuous erratic behavior shows that,” said Ashleigh Wade.

Wade said Jordan has been trespassing in her yard for years. An agreement was made last week that Jordan not have contact with anyone under the age of 16, and he must move in two weeks.

“I believe he has grooming behaviors. I’m worried about the next neighborhood and that people won’t know,” said Wade.

News 13 reached out to Jordan’s landlord to see if he was in the process of moving. His landlord did not know about the court order. 

Stephen Jordan has not been convicted of any crime and maintains his innocence while he awaits trial.

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