NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — An animal shelter in North Myrtle Beach is asking for the public’s help as it raises money for a new facility.

Kind Keeper Animal Rescue is in need of a new shelter due to overcrowding, staff said.

“We just want to be able to do more for our community is why we want to build a bigger shelter and help more animals in need,” Leanne Dornseif, social media and marketing director at Kind Keeper, said.

 The organization leases its current building, which has become too small because of the intake in animals, according to Kind Keeper. They also want a building to call their own.

“We [want to] have our own property that we can customize and just have a much bigger, better facility,” Dornseif said. “It’s a little run down here.”

The shelter purchased property in Longs off of Water Tower Road. Now, they’re working on raising $3 million to pay for the new building. They recently started a GoFundMe to help.

“It’s probably gonna be a while until we can actually raise that so we’re really hoping that our community will help us out and help us be able to build that building,” Dornseif said.

The shelter said the new building will have a low-cost vet clinic, larger kennels, and be able to take in more animals.

“We’ll be able to take in double the amount of animals that we do now so we’re really looking forward to that and we think our adoption rates will definitely increase once we take in more animals for sure,” she said. 

There’s no set date when the shelter is expected to be completed, but right now, they said it’s all about raising the money.