Apple announces new MacBook Pro


(WIAT) — Apple has announced, revealed, and released its new MacBook Pro all in one day.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro will be replacing the current 15-inch lineup and will have the same starting price at $2,399. You can order the new laptop today from the online store, and it will be available in stores later this week.

This notebook can be configurable to hold up to 64 GB of RAM, up to an 8 TB SSD, and up to an 8-core current-gen processor. That’s double the amount of RAM and Storage than what last year’s model could hold.

The display comes in at a whopping 3072 x 1920 at 226 pixels per inch, allowing for more detail across the board for photos, videos, and text.

When it comes to audio performance, Apple seems to have knocked it out of the park. This year’s model includes a six-speaker sound system with dual force-canceling woofers, allowing for a clearer, more immersive experience for the listener.

The keyboard has also received some much-need treatment. When Apple released the new MacBook Pro design in 2016 with the butterfly keyboard, many customers had problems with keys sticking and breaking on them. This year, Apple has turned to an improved scissor mechanism for the keys with only 1 mm of travel, along with a dedicated Escape key rather than having to rely on the Touch Bar.

Arguably one of the biggest changes that come with this year’s model is the improvement to its thermal performance. Apple’s 2018 15-inch i9 MacBook Pro launched with a bug that was causing the laptop to go through an issue known as “thermal throttling.” The notebook would overheat depending on the workload and lower the amount of power it was using to help cool it down. You could be doing a simple task and still run into this issue. Even with the patch that Apple pushed out to address this, the design under the hood wasn’t the best for thermal performance.

Apple believes they fixed the issue this time around with a completely redesigned thermal architecture. They believe that this year’s MacBook Pro will have a 28% increase in airflow and a 35% larger heat sink, allowing the notebook to perform with more processing power before it starts to throttle itself down.

Finally, the battery. This year’s MacBook Pro comes with a 100-Wh lithium-polymer battery that Apple claims will last up to 11 hours. Keep in mind that this is the largest capacity battery you are allowed to take on you with a plane without having to get airline approval.

There you have it, the brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Will you be picking one up this holiday season?


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