Belton Police officer helps baby who choked on medicine


Video courtesy of Belton Police Department

BELTON, SC (WSPA) – Belton Police Department officials said one of their officers helped a baby who was choking Sunday afternoon.

According to the Belton Police chief, officers responded to a home on Green Street after 1 p.m. Sunday after receiving a call about an infant choking.

Cpl. Derrall Foster was the first officer to arrive on-scene and found the child had choked on some of her medicine given to her by her mother.

“Momma was panicking and dad he was just in a state of shock,” said Foster.

The medicine given to the infant was to help with teething pain.

Foster reportedly turned the baby over and patted its back in an effort to dislodge the medicine and open the child’s airway.

“We arrived on scene and the father actually had the child in his hands and was trying to sick his fingers down so I was given the impression she was choking,” said Foster.

After a couple of pats, the baby then started to breathe on its own again.

“It was just lodged in there. And the child just started screaming and crying so that was a positive thing to actually hear that from the child,” said Foster.

Foster says the entire rescue lasted maybe a minute, and he says his own children went through his mind at the time.

“So all I could think about was my two-year-old little girl. And how I did what I needed to do what we had to do to fix the situation,” said Foster.

He suggests all parents look into getting CPR certified so that they’re prepared for anything.

“You never know when that child may swallow something you’re not aware of and you might have to jump into action,” said Foster.

Although many would call foster a hero in this situation, if you ask him you’ll get a different answer.

“I was just doing my job doing what I was trained to do,” said Foster.

EMS crews arrived at the home and transported the child to the hospital for evaluation.

The child is is reported to be okay.

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