Bennettsville woman writes book for kids during pandemic


BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – As the never-ending COVID-19 story continues, for the youngest amongst us, this lifestyle is all they’ve ever known. Recently Whitney Thompson, a speech-language pathologist from Bennettsville, wrote a book for her niece to use as a conversation piece for all to remember this far from ordinary time.

“She’s two years old,” said Whitney Thompson, author of ‘Livi-Jai and the not so ordinary routine.’ “So, I was like ‘wow, she’s not going to remember any of this. She’s not going to remember life before the pandemic.’ So I started out just kind of writing her a letter. And as I got to doing that I thought oh this might be a cute little story.”

As we find this horror story call COVID-19 hard to forget, toddlers and other youngsters might not remember anything about it.

“When you read it you’ll be able to say ‘Oh yeah, I do remember that. And you know my family did this or my family did that,'” said Thompson. “Because with the young children, they’re going to have a lot of questions as they get older about this time.

“It starts off talking about this girl who’s always on the go she’s always doing something,” said Thompson. “And then one day she realizes ‘Wait, I haven’t been to the zoo, I haven’t been to the aquarium, I haven’t been to Grandma’s house, what’s going on?’ So she’s kind of frustrated.”

From moments like not being able to go to the grocery store with Dad, to not being able to do an egg hunt on Easter Sunday, the book covers how life has changed since the pandemic began. And while the book will be a great tool in the future, it’s still a story worth checking out now.

“It does teach children to, sometimes we just have to rely on God,” said Thompson. “So the mom was just like ‘You know we have to trust, we have to wait.’ And so the book goes through each day of the week kind of talking about things she did prior to the pandemic.”

Even though Thompson had her niece in mind when writing this book, it’s really for everyone.

“It’s universal,” said Thompson. “And I want it to be used universally for everyone to kind of make it their own when they talk about the pandemic.”

‘Livi-Jai and the not so Ordinary Routine’ is available on Amazon and other online retailers, but if you go to Thompson’s website, to buy the book you get a memory box to document your memories during the pandemic for safe keeping.

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