Blind, retired Greyhound bus driver gets surprised with a ride back through time


A retired South Carolina Greyhound bus driver was given the chance to relive some of his favorite memories, when he was surprised by former colleagues and workers of Carolina Gardens Senior Living who took him for a ride on a Greyhound bus.

68-year-old Clark Graham went blind seven years ago due to a stroke that was brought on by his diabetes. Director of Health Services at Carolina Gardens, Debra Magnanelli says each year they honor a resident, and they knew this surprise was going to be perfect for Mr. Graham.

“He talks to us frequently about his time with Greyhound, he drove with them for 30 years and when he speaks about them, his face lights up and you can tell his time with them was very meaningful.” Magnanelli said.

Mr. Graham was brought into the living area where he was greeted by his former Greyhound colleagues, who each held his hand and he was able to identify them by the sound of their voices.

The man driving the bus, Lloyd Freeman said Mr. Graham has been a dear friend to all of them and it was a privilege to be able to surprise him in such a way. 

“You could see the tears coming down everyone’s faces, I am trying to hold back my tears now. God is so good.” Freeman said. 

Mr. Graham told News 13 that he has had the opportunity to drive a bus through every state in the country except Hawaii, and it was an amazing feeling to be with his old friends again, back on the bus.

“It felt so good, I wish I could be out there driving it still.”Graham said.

Graham says although his health is in a bad place he knows there is a bigger plan in place for him.

“God had a reason for it all.” Graham said.

The  surprise was organized by Pruitt Health and Second Wind Dreams, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the perception of aging through the fulfillment of dreams. 

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