‘Blue Lives Matter’ gathering held at NC Lowe’s after worker told to remove mask with slogan


MARION, N.C. — Protesters gathered outside a Lowe’s in North Carolina on Thursday to show solidarity with police officers, WLOS reports.

The event was a “Blue Lives Matter” protest with people dressed in black and blue.

Protesters chose the location because they say a couple weeks ago, a Lowe’s employee wore a “Blue Lives Matter” mask to work but was asked to remove it because it violated store policy.

An organizer says the employee’s father was a police officer who died on duty in 2014.

“Come out peacefully, assemble, get together, show solidarity not only for Garret and his family and what he has gone through with this incident, but to also show our support as a community for law enforcement,” said Chris March, who was at the event.

Since the incident, Lowe’s says it respects the desire to share personal views and honor loved ones but asks all associates working to follow long-standing policy, which only allows visible logos related to Lowe’s business.

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