Boyfriend ‘saw her stomach move’ in bizarre case of possible missing baby


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 uncovered new information Wednesday in the case of the Hephzibah woman accused of giving false information to investigators on whether she gave birth.

Tabitha Moss gave conflicting reports about delivering a stillborn baby and getting rid of it and then recanting the entire story, saying she faked the pregnancy to keep her boyfriend.

Now, Tabatha Moss remains in jail while authorities try to figure out where that baby could be.

Meanwhile, NewsChannel 6 wanted to find out more information on whether Moss was pregnant and where that baby might have ended up. So, we spoke with those who call her friend either now or did at some point in the past.

“She was a really nice girl. She was always laughing and very smart,” said Angel Montana, a friend.

That’s the Tabatha Moss Montana said she knew back at Glenn Hills High School. Not this one we just learned about Tuesday, who was accused of flushing a fetus down a toilet after miscarriage. Moss also told investigators at University Hospital last week that she put the remains in a plastic bag and had her roommate get rid of it. It’s all a confusing story that some have heard before.

“It was a rumor going around at one point in time about her being pregnant in high school,” Montana told us. “And everybody wondered if she was pregnant because she was so small, but it turned out to be a lie.”

What was not a lie was Moss’ pregnancy. That’s what her boyfriend and the child’s father, Devon Pierce told us. He was too distraught to go on camera, but he shared via Facebook Messenger “Honestly I’m confused myself…” adding “we were supposed to have our baby on June 12.” Pierce shared a photo of a very pregnant Moss and told us it was true and, “I saw her stomach move.”

“If it was more so that she didn’t want another baby, she could have came to me, I would have taken care of that baby,” Montana stated.

We also spoke with the father of Moss’ son on Facebook, a different man who claims they were going to be engaged in the past. He said that child is with his grandmother and he will have him this weekend.

As for the current boyfriend, he said to Moss “…please come clean and tell where the baby is so that she can be put to rest properly…”

Montana added, “The more you sit there and lie the worse the situation will get for you. But for your sake and that baby’s sake, if it’s a baby, let them people know where that baby is.”

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office reports CID is not releasing any information at this time and that the case is an active investigation.

Montana said she hopes authorities look into whether the newborn baby found in Forsyth County, Georgia could be Moss’ baby.

Pierce confirmed though that he saw her a week after that baby was found still pregnant.

Also, ALL 50 states have Safe Haven or Baby Moses laws where you can leave a child in some cases up to 1 month old at a fire or police station.

We will continue to follow this story.

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