Crews investigating Carbon Monoxide leak in Broadway at the Beach hotel


5 PM UPDATE: Myrtle Beach Fire Department crews left the scene around 4 p.m. after getting CO levels back to normal.

Crews from Dominion Energy are taking a closer look at what the root of the issue is.

Guests are still not allowed to stay in their rooms for any length of time as work continues.

Myrtle Beach fire tells News13 when they arrived on scene, CO levels were around 100 parts per million. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can begin at 70 ppm.

Workers with Dominion Energy say the hotel did make repairs after the last leak, and it’s still unclear if the two events are related.

Guests say it was a jarring way to begin the morning.

“I came out and saw these fire guys all in their kits with gas masks. and said I should take whatever I can because of theres a carbon monoxide leak,” Christopher Ezezeihuaku said. He’s a doctor in town to work at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

Caroline Newman has a similar recollection.

“They came up into our room with masks on and knocked on the door and said we had to leave quickly,” she remembered. “So we literally left our belongings, threw some clothes on and came out to the door.”

Lt. Jonathan Evans with Myrtle Beach fire says the hotel staff and department reacted quickly.

“Just to stay on the safe side they got everyone outside while we mitigated that and ventilate the building properly,” he said.

Crews were doing that just about all day, a process Evans calls

“This is a very intensive process,” he said. “We have a lot of resources out here trying to mitigate this situation. And we don’t want to happen again.”

Count on News13 to bring you updates as crews uncover what may be causing this issue.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A hotel at Broadway at the Beach is being evacuated after a carbon monoxide leak was reported.

This is the second time in recent weeks the Hampton Inn has been evacuated after reports of a carbon monoxide leak. The hotel also was evacuated on Aug. 26. The gas leak was found to be in the laundry room. 

Myrtle Beach Fire department responded to the call at the Hampton Inn at about 9:50 a.m. at 1140 Celebrity Circle Tuesday morning.

The entire building of about 90 people has been evacuated.

Fire department readings confirmed high carbon monoxide amounts coming from the laundry room.

Crews are working now with the gas company to fix issues and ventilate the building. The building is expected to be cleared sometime today.

No injuries were reported and no one was taken to the hospital. The incident is under investigation.

Count on News13 for updates to this story as we work to gather more information.

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