MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Brother-sister duo Alex and Becky Flores are chasing their life-long dream of owning a a liquid nitrogen creamery with a twist.

Coming in the Spring of this year, Buzzed Bull Creamery will specialize in made-to-order non-buzzed (without alcohol) and buzzed (alcohol infused, 21+) ice cream and nitro milkshakes.

Buzzed Bull Creamery’s unique process creates a one-of-a-kind experience for all age groups. Fusing the liquid nitrogen with the non-buzzed and buzzed flavors, mix-ins and toppings.

Visitors to this new, innovative ice cream shop will be able to watch their dessert start as a liquid and transform into a frozen state in a matter of seconds.

“We want the community to know we are a family-driven business whose sole purpose is to help the community and bring a great product to everyone in Myrtle Beach,” Alex Flores said.

Considerably different than traditional ice cream, liquid nitrogen offers a noticeably smoother texture the moment the ice cream and nitro milkshake hits your taste buds.

With 32 flavors, 20 mix-ins, and over 30 liquor options (21+), Buzzed Bull Creamery boasts they will offer millions of unique and fully customized ice creams and nitro milkshake options tailored just for you.

The buzzed flavors start at 5% ABV and adults can choose to upgrade their liquor. Their most popular flavors combinations include:

  • Honey Pecan (honey ice cream or milkshake, pecans, whipped cream with suggested buzz: bourbon)
  • Death By Chocolate (chocolate ice cream or milkshake, brownie bites, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce on top with suggested buzz: chocolate vodka)
  • Tiger Stripes (chocolate peanut butter ice cream or milkshake, peanut butter cups, peanut butter sauce on top with suggested buzz: spiced rum)
  • Dreamsicle (orange cake batter ice cream or milkshake, waffle cone pieces, whipped cream with suggested buzz: orange vodka)

Alex and Becky have roots in the Myrtle Beach community with investment properties and look forward to bringing a unique and one-of-a-kind concept with a lively environment to the city.

They are looking into  areas in the heart of Myrtle Beach on South Kings Highway. Lease negotiations are underway and more details regarding the location will be announced soon.

You can learn more information by visiting their website here, or visiting their facebook page here.