Businesses in Horry, Georgetown Counties may soon be able to take pledge vowing safety, cleanliness for customers


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Leaders in Horry County are looking to model a system for businesses to ensure customers safety after one in the Upstate.

When a business takes the Greater Greenville Pledge it vows to sanitize frequently, provide social distance, limit capacity, monitor employees health and encourage facial coverings. Businesses then place a poster on the entrance to their establishment for customers to see.

“We kept hearing over and over again, from the owners of businesses and restaurants number one, what are the protocols, and I think accelerate South Carolina has been very helpful on what are the protocols, and secondly how do we let people know we’re following these protocols,” Know White, mayor of Greenville said. “We’re spending a lot of money and a lot of time learning about it and doing a deep dig on it, so how do we let people know so they feel comfortable coming back in.”

White says, this initiative has been successful in the Upstate and he feels every area across the state should adopt something similar.

Members of the Welcome Back Horry County committee agree this would help visitors and residents be more comfortable visiting local businesses.

“The Greater Greenville Pledge is basically just a one-stop shop for businesses that gives them information they need throughout this Covid crisis and how their businesses can respond with state guidelines that come down through state agencies, specifically it creates the ability for businesses to take the pledge and to commit to these guidelines and in return they are able to get a sticker on their door that helps build consumer confidence,” County councilman and committee member, Tyler Servant explained.

Servant says its his hope a similar pledge program here is implemented soon and says because Greenville leaders plan to share resources they used to establish theirs, it could quickly become a reality.

“What we’re able to do is take what they have implemented up in the upstate and bring it down to the Grand Strand and tweak it for our area specifically,” Servant said. “It should be a very fast process and something we’re able to implement quickly. As we all know, summer is fast approaching and we already have Memorial Day here, we have tourists, and guests and locals alike eating at our dining establishments, checking in at our hotels as well as going to our amusements and attractions.”

He says the main changes the Welcome Back committee will need to consider relate to hotels, tourist attractions and the beach.

Servant also says the committee believes this is a plan that should include the entire Grand Strand.

“The committee in my opinion has a vision for this to be the whole Grand Strand, that incorporates all the municipalities in Horry County, as well as Georgetown County so having businesses in the community and the government coming together to make sure we’re doing our part to make sure we’re opening up in a fast, yet safe manner,” Servant said.

He tells News13, the committee members will continue in their talks with leaders in the Greenville area in the coming weeks to establish a similar pledge program here.

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