Calming your child’s back to school nerves


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- For some kids the first day of school can be scary, whether they are starting at a new school or walking into Kindergarten for the very first time. Principals have some suggestions for calming those first day jitters.

Whitesides Elementary School Principal, Cindy Perez, says, “We will offer tours to parents and students that are new to our building. To come in it sometimes just helps to physically walk through the building and know where there classroom is going to be.”

But often on the first day of school, more worry is coming from the parents than the kids.

Perez says, “The first day of school we do invite parents to walk their children into their classrooms, so they have already met the teacher before school starts, but it’s just another good way to make sure their child is safe and secure and happy in that classroom. And then our PTA sponsors a little breakfast for parents who may have a difficult time leaving their children with us. And it’s a good way to connect with other parents too, certainly parents who have had children in the school for several years already, it’s the reassurance that their children are going to be fine.”

If there are any concerns, keep the communication open with the school.

Perez says, “Don’t be afraid to have that interaction with others in the school. We are all, we all want the same thing for the children. We all want them to be happy when they come in everyday, we want them to love learning, so we have to keep that communication open.”

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