City of Darlington to improve roads


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Darlington City council members voted to raise taxes and allocate part of those funds to improve roads.

Residents and business owners near downtown are glad the city is working to improve the area.

“I mean it’s not terrible, but there are certain sections that need a little work and they’re working on it,” said business owner Kale Seals.

The city approved a spending budget of $6.8 million and part of that will improve roads that are in bad shape.

“The state said this year the city could raise the millage by 2.4% and that would generate about $57,000 for the city,” said planning and economic development director, Lisa Rock.

Business owners tell News13 this will give downtown a new look for the area.

“I noticed a lot more places are being put in around this area to make it look better and I’m actually glad with what they have going on,” said business owner Leona Burns.

“We want to address the worst roads first, based on how long the road is, or what infrastructure is under it. All that kinda of stuff plays a factor on how much we’ll actually be able to get done,” said Rock.

Most of those roads cut through downtown and are visible to residents in the area.

“There was one day a car came up here and I don’t know if there were running from someone, but I know it’s messed up on the corner up here so I’m glad they’re actually doing something about it,” said Burns.

The project is expected to start late fall or early 2020.

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