City of Florence passes budget that will include storm water projects


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The City of Florence passed a $38.4 million budget this week that will include more money for storm water projects.

Some people who live in Florence experience flooding and many said it’s destroying their home and repairs can be costly.

“The water came all the way to the front room and our home had maybe four inches of water inside the home and the yard is completely flooded every time it rains,” said resident Brittney Planter.

City officials met earlier this week for a budget work session and talked about existing storm water and drainage systems that will help those in the area.

“We’re seeing increasingly tense storms, frequent storms, much larger volume to deal with and much more severe damage storms. All of those are cost for municipality to deal with,” said Mayor Wukela.

The department is responsible to clean out pipes, streets, and ditches to insure the system is handling water flow, and with this new fund, city officials are brainstorming other ideas.

“We’re looking at some outfall related projects so that waters moves better after a hard rainfall so we would probably fund about 15-20 projects,” said city manager Drew Griffin.

Residents in the area are happy to know the projects are being upgraded to help them.

“Any help is a good help. The last time we had a really bad storm we lost all of our clothing and carpets and different things, so yeah it’s a good idea,” said Planter.

For more information on how to report storm drain or ditch that is backed up or flooding, contact the Stormwater Operation Division at (843) 665-3236. 

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