City of Florence set to build $200,000 skatepark


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) The City of Florence is working with a local organization to rebuild the skatepark at McLeod Park.

According to Parks & Recreation Manager Darlene Buchanan, the city has partnered with FloSk8 in Florence on the project. The organization was started in March with a goal of raising money to build a modern concrete skatepark.

The City of Florence is using $150,000 of city funds and FloSk8 will raise the additional $50,000. Group members told News13 the park is dangerous due to cracks and holes.

“It’s tough to skate on the street, and you’re not even supposed to skate on the street. That’s what the skatepark is for. But, to be honest, it’s probably safer to skate on the street,” said Paul Smith, FloSk8 Secretary.

To help fix the park, some locals have taken plywood to the park. Others have started constructing their own ramps to skate on. Smith said he believes it’s even made less people skate there.

FloSk8 has raised around $5,000 so far through a GoFundMe, t-shirt sales and private donations. The group even participates in Florence After Five to bring awareness to the project.

“If the way these guys have worked so far is indicative of whether or not they will be able to raise that, I would say the odds are in their favor. They’re very passionate, but they’re also very enthusiastic about getting this particular project done,” said Darlene Buchanan, City of Florence Parks & Recreation Manger .

The group has until December to raise the $50,000. Buchanan said the city will work on skatepark construction as soon as the money is raised.

“It is just in need of some refurbishment, and I think you’ll see that at the end. It’s going to be something that our community can be proud of.”

The skatepark is located at 920 S. Santiago Dr. in Florence.

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