City of Myrtle Beach estimates $3.5 million to be made from sports tourism this weekend


The Sports Tourism Department of Myrtle Beach estimates that visitors will spend approximately $3.5 million this weekend while being in town for various sporting events.

Last year in July alone, Director Tim Huber says $45 million was spent at local hotels, restaurants, and attractions, while people were in town for sporting events.

This weekend, more than 300 teams will be playing at the Big Shots Basketball tournament at the Myrtle Beach sports complex.

“We’ve had over 12,000 players in our 14 years receive scholarships, so our economic impact throughout the city is great but even more, helping kids get their education at the collegiate level,” said Vice President of Big Shots, Kevin Schneider.

Aside from the basketball tournament, visitors are in town for a dance competition and baseball as well.

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