City officials take steps to demolish Florentine building


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – New developments are in the works for the city of Florence and one building in particular is expected to be gone very soon.

Downtown Florence and several blocks in the area have completely changed over the past few years and the city believes the old Florentine apartment building has to go in order to bring new developments to the area.

“That building is not one that can be successfully redeveloped or renovated,” said Mayor Stephen Wukela.

Out with the old and in with the new, that’s the motto the city of Florence has for the eight story building located at the corner of Coit and Evans street.

“The city is undertaking the demolition of that building to clear that block essentially for future developments,” said Mayor Wukela.

City officials are already looking into new possibilities that can take over the lot.

“I suspect that the development of that block would involve some significant elements of residential living and it’s also likely that it will be a mix use, so you would see residential use, with some retail elements and perhaps some other types of commercial uses,” said Mayor Wukela.

The floor by floor demolition is expected to begin in September.

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