Clemson prepares for Hell’s Angels summer rally next week


CLEMSON, SC (WSPA) – During the summer months, fewer people fill the streets of Clemson, but next week that’s about to change when over 500 bikers from Hell’s Angels arrive in town.

“Even though it’s Hell’s Angels, it’s nothing more than having family scattered all across the US and once a year they pick a location and have a big family reunion,” said Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon.

The biker gang picked Clemson back in November for their annual summer run rally.

“Well it’s a nice area, we are close to the lake and when you drive up in the mountains, you see a lot of people on motorcycles,” said Leonard Keller who’s the owner of Judge Keller’s Store.

The Department of Justice lists the Hell’s Angels as an “outlaw motorcycle club” and said the group “poses a criminal threat.”

Dixon tells 7News that is no longer the case.

“I can assure you, they are not coming in here for the sole purpose of causing trouble,” Dixon said.

The group will fill the downtown businesses for meetings and gatherings.

“I think it will be great. It’s a slow time for us, but it will be great for the area,” Keller said.

With a big event does come increased law enforcement, so expect to see local, state and federal officers filling the streets of Clemson.

Other cities that have hosted the summer rally said the event was peaceful.

“These 500 or 600 people will not cause any more trouble as the 100-150,000 people do seven times out of the year for home games,” Dixon said.

The groups events officially kick off Monday, July 29th and ends Wednesday evening, but you can expect to see bikers in the city through the end of next week.

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