MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Mostly cloudy for today as upper-level clouds extend out ahead of a cold front. Luckily, that will keep temperatures cooler, but the proximity of the front means that showers and storms are going to be increasingly likely as the front inches closer and closer.

High temperatures for today will be in the mid-80s for the Grand Strand and near 90 degrees for the beaches. For tonight, rain continues and the temperature will be in the low-mid-70s.

The cold front will be offshore early tomorrow morning, but rain will continue to be likely primarily for the Grand Strand and the southern part of our viewing area. Temperatures will be similar for tomorrow and the humidity will still be oppressive.

Luckily, dewpoints are going to take a major hit this weekend in response to that front and cooler, drier high pressure from the Ohio River Valley. Unseasonable temperatures and dewpoints prevail for the weekend. Temperatures will be in the mid-80s Saturday and Sunday with overnight low temperatures in the 60s. The air will be drier and will feel much more pleasant than it has for most of summer. Sunshine will be abundant this weekend, as well.