Community marches for missing 1-year-old SC baby

Community marches for missing 1-year-old SC baby (Image 1)_60312


Updated June 17, 2015

The Pendleton community is not giving up on the search for a 1-year-old baby, Leaona, who has been missing since June 6th.

The child’s family rallied in Anderson County Tuesday night hoping to get answers. The Upstate organization is helping the family organize several events this week.

Officials are asking anyone with information about Leaona to come forward.

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It’s been one week since a Pendleton baby vanished from her home.

Anderson county deputies tell us there are no new updates in the case, but Leaona Wrights family isn’t giving up hope.

The missing 1-year-old’s family and the organization pleaded for answers as they marched through downtown Anderson Saturday.

They handed out these flyers and put them on any car or window they could. They still have hope Leaona will come home.

“We are fighting for you. Just stay strong baby. Hold on, we are coming,” said Stanise Clinkscale, Leaona’s aunt.

“We want answers. We want justice,” they chanted. Leaona’s Grandmother followed, crying “I want my baby back. Bring Leaona home!”

Still no trace has been found of the missing baby. She disappeared overnight last Saturday from Edgewood Square apartments in Pendleton.

Now her mom, aunts and cousins are banding together to bring her home.

“I need closure and I want my baby so bad,” yelled Kiara Sullivan, Leaona’s mom, in tears.

“We get new ideas every day. We have reached out to the national advocate for missing kids and you know organizations and other churches,” said Clinkscale. “Every day we’re fighting for her.”

Deputies have searched high and low in Anderson county for the missing baby. They also say there have been some inconsistencies with witnesses’ accounts, but they’re still looking for new leads.

Leaona’s siblings were placed in foster care this week. The family says though they want the children home, they’re in good hands. “I know they’re in good care,” Clinkscale added.

We checked for any updates with the Anderson county sheriff’s office today. They say there have been no new major developments in the case.

If you see Leaona call 911.

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