Community raises money for Investigator Farrah Turner


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Ladies at the Fitness World Lady Gym held their second annual fundraiser event to help Investigator Farrah Turner’s family.

Turner was one of the seven law enforcement officers who were shot on Oct. 3, 2018, at 932 Ashton Drive in the Vintage Place neighborhood just west of Florence city limits off Hoffmeyer Rd. A total of 12 patients were transported to two local trauma centers, including seven law enforcement officers and five civilians. 

Florence Police Department Officer Terrence Carraway, 52, of Darlington, was killed in the shooting. Sheriff’s Officer Investigator Farrah Turner was wounded in the shooting and died on Oct. 22, 2018.

“Right before Farrah passed, I prayed with her mother and I felt Farrah’s presence and she was just saying look out for my mom,” said instructor Anna Chilton.

Investigator Turner, or ‘Maxine’ as her friends at would call her, was always involved in the Florence community and on Saturday dozen of women came together to help her family.

“People have kinda gotten to know Farrah’s mom and seen her heart. Everyone wants to help because we all know she’s going to have a lot of things coming up and she’s going to need support. The whole time she’s trying to carry on what Farrah’s mission was,” said Chilton.

The ladies joined a fitness class that was taught by several instructors. Chilton tells News13 she wishes Farrah was still here.

“On the second of October I got up and I was thinking, this was her last normal day,” said Chilton.

The ladies at Fitness World Lady Gym said they’re going to keep this tradition going for Maxine.

“We’re going to do this yearly and if you didn’t get a chance to come please think about setting this time apart next year, so we can all have that heart Farrah had by trying new things, having fun together and making a community of women,” said Chilton.

The Fitness World Lady gym is located on 29501, 200 2nd Loop Rd, Florence, SC and if you would like more information you can reach them at (843) 206-4389.

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