MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- As South Carolina begins to reopen its economy, some Myrtle Beach businesses originally deemed nonessential are permitted to reopen with strict limitations.

Salons, gyms, and other nonessential businesses remain closed according to Gov. McMaster’s order. However, state officials are beginning to permit certain retail and non-essentials to re-open with limitations.

Tadd Rubin and Dwayne Harris have one job that’s essential. Working for the Myrtle Beach Fire Department is only one of their jobs. They’re also owners of the Myrtle Beach CrossFit.

“In some people’s eyes, it’s non-essential. To us it is essential, and to a lot of people its essential,” Rubin said.

Following an S.C. Commerce application, multiple follow-ups, and plan specific to their business, the health and wellness facility got approval to open May 11th.

The reply from the Governor’s office permits the CrossFit facility to open following the guidelines the owners presented in their letter requesting permission.

The letter consisted of Ruben and Harris’s comprehensive plan to open under strict limitations.
CrossFit classes do not incorporate traditional gym equipment like treadmills, cardio machines, and other items people may forget to sanitize down once they’re done, the owners said.

The Myrtle Beach CrossFit mentioned each person would have their own equipment in a designated space and will be required to enforce five people per 1,000 square foot space.

“We’ll be sanitizing equipment before and after use, monitoring how many people are coming in and out of the door… just whatever we need to do in following the CDC guidelines is what’s been put forward to us,” Dwayne Harris, one of the owners of Myrtle Beach CrossFit said.

The plan also includes decreasing class sizes, holding regular screenings, and ramping up all sanitation efforts.

Down the street, nail salons like 501 Nails still aren’t given a date to open. When they do, Plexiglass has been set up at each nail station to serve as a barrier between clients and employees.

When Monday comes, Rubin and Harris will continue serving as first responders. They’ll also be ready to reopen the Myrtle Beach CrossFit, complying with CDC guidelines and a new business protocol.

“It’s not like we can just pull it from another gym and use there’s because we are unique in our way and we do have our methods of training,” Rubin said.

Owners say their guidelines approved by Gov. McMaster’s office are specific to their health and wellness business from a physical, mental, and nutritional perspective.