Congressman Tom Rice, 2 family members test positive for COVID-19


South Carolina 7th District Congressman Tom Rice announced on Monday all three members of his household tested positive for COVID-19.

“I wanted to let you know that all 3 members of our household: Wrenzie, our son Lucas, and I all have the Wuhan Flu,” U.S. Rep. Rice posted on Facebook. “We are all on the mend and doing fine.”

Rice said he had a low fever and a mild cough, which were gone by Thursday. “I never stopped eating or drinking or working or moving. The only bad thing is I have completely lost sense of taste and smell.”

His son, Lucas, had a high fever and really bad cough, Rice said. “He’s still weak but getting stronger- moving around and eating a little.”

Rice said his wife had a slight fever, pretty bad cough, headache and backache, “But she hasn’t quit moving.”

“COVID-19 is a serious, sometimes deadly illness,” Rice posted. “We, however, have fared well. I wanted to relay our experience so far.”

Rice urged people to please wash their hands and take precautions. The family is finishing their quarantine and “looking forward to seeing you all again,” Rice said.

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