Drivers may want to watch their speed the next time they’re driving through Downtown Conway.

The Conway Police Department is targeting speeders, specifically in areas where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. 

“The main reason it is 25 is it is a residential area. There’s a middle school also located on this road, Collins Park. We have a lot of kids playing, we have a lot of families out here,” said Officer James Ellis.

“There have been cars that have gone by so fast that you wonder if they’re going to be able to stop when they get down there,” said Lynn Roberts. 

She’s lived on Laurel Street for more than 20 years, and said speeding is a problem in her neighborhood. 

“Sometimes you hear them having to screech on the brakes to stop,” Roberts said.

Though the speed limit on Laurel is 25 miles per hour, Conway Police Officer James Ellis said, “You’ll easily catch people running 40, 45 miles an hour.” 

The Police Department learned of the issue after Chief Dale Long went knocking door-to-door to speak with people who live in the area. According to Ellis, many residents complained about speeding. 

“Speeding to them was a large issue that was brought up, especially speeding in these 25 mph zones. So the department now is trying to step up patrols and crack down on this issue,” he said. 

Conway Police will increase patrolling and monitor driving speeds for roads with a 25 mph speed limit, especially Laurel Street, Elm Street, 16th Avenue and Park View Road.

“Stepping up enforcement, being visible in these areas by the public is probably the best deterrent we can have in terms of keeping people down near the speed limit,” Ellis said. 

According to Ellis, the police department hopes to reduce speeding in the specified areas before school lets out for the summer.

“I have my grandkids here. I wouldn’t dare let them go out anywhere near this road without me holding their hand,” Roberts said.