Conway police see recent rise in shoplifting, fraud and car break-ins


CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – Conway police want to stop a recent increase in crimes like shoplifting, car break-ins and fraud. A program is available to help businesses learn how to recognize and report suspicious activity.

Conway police now offer the Merchant Watch Program to business owners and managers. Businesses can meet and work together to stop crime right in its tracks.

“It provides a platform between law enforcement merchants to come together and share crime prevention techniques, security measures for businesses and allow them to network,” said Conway Police Sergeant Steven Pearce.

Sergeant Pearce with the Conway Police Department said they’ve received calls for shoplifting and fraud such as using stolen credit cards at stores like Walmart and Lowes.

“Those guys are getting hit almost daily with shoplifters and they do really good at catching them. They have superior camera systems and they actually work them but it seems but it seems like the more we apprehend, the more it happens,” Pearce said.

It’s happening at small businesses too.

“These guys are going to our downtown districts, to our outlying businesses and they are stealing from those guys as well,” Pearce said.

Sergeant Pearce says to be aware of thieves looking to steal from cars.

“It’s a big trend right now not just everywhere but here in Conway. we have a group of folks that’ll just shake your door handle and if your door comes open they are going to take anything of value out of it.” Pearce said. “We are really pushing for folks to secure their vehicles late at night now.”

Sergeant Pearce said there’s a meeting about the program on Tuesday, September 28 aat 6 p.m. at the Conway Police Department.

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