Count on Kids: DCIT students build small home for local farmer


DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Students of the Darlington County Institute of Technology (DCIT) are building a house from the ground up.

A local farmer in Darlington County contacted the teacher of carpentry at DCIT with the project. The farmer purchased all of the material for a small home as a gift for one of his close friends.

DCIT engineering students sketched the design, then carpentry students starting building the home.

Ryan Bollinger, Junior at DCIT said, “It helped me figure out that I like hard work. I like putting in the work. It gives me satisfaction after I get done. [I can say] ‘Hey” I did that.”

The home will not be complete until the electrical students go in and wire the home. The students hope to have the home complete by January 1st.

DCIT faculty say they want to provide students with as much hands on training to prepare them for college, military or careers in trade.

Robert smith, Director of DCIT said, “We can sit down with a textbook and talk to them about different parts of a house or different types of woodwork. But that doesn’t come close to the benefit of getting out here and getting your hands dirty.”

Smith says they hope to continue projects like this by partnering with other people in the community who need small homes or sheds built. For more information, contact 843-398-4796.

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