Court adjourns for day 3 of Will Lewis case



5:55 p.m.: Court adjourned for the day. Cross examination will resume at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

5:20 p.m.: During cross-examination, Lewis said he never denied having sex with a Nabors to member of the sheriff’s office. He said he always told them he did not rape or sexually assault Nabors.

Lewis said he only denied having sex with Nabors to his wife.

Lewis said he remembered saying “What happens in Charlotte stays in Charlotte” to Nabors.

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4:44 p.m.: Lewis’ testimony ended and the solicitor started cross-examining Lewis.

4:40 p.m.: Lewis said he did not spend county money on Nabors.

4:20 p.m.: Lewis spoke about Nabors quitting and Addie Hampton being hired as her replacement.

3:54 p.m.: Lewis now discussing the budget meetings the following day.

3:45 p.m.: Lewis said he and Nabors ended up alone on the elevator and then went to Nabors’ room to get his liquor bottle.

He asked her if Nabors wanted a drink and she said yes, and he poured her a drink.

Lewis then detailed the intimate encounter with Nabors.

3:40 p.m.: Lewis talking about the Charlotte trip said he picked up Nabors, went to the valet when they got to the hotel, got the luggage out of the vehicle and put his liquor bottle on top of Nabors’ bag.

He said they checked in to their rooms, dropped off luggage and went back to the lobby for appetizers and drinks.

Lewis recalls leaving the hotel, went to a pub and said that prior to this situation, he had never hung out with anyone in that group socially.

After the pub, Lewis said they went back to the hotel.

3:08 p.m.: Suspended Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis testifying now.

Lewis said the “controversy,” as the defense referred to the situation as, ramped up with a blog post.

He said the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division never spoke with him, and neither did the solicitor’s office or anyone else.

He spoke about his background, saying he tried college, but said it “wasn’t his thing.”

Lewis said he went into the Air Force and then got into law enforcement.

He said he eventually went back to school, took a position with the Bannister Law Firm in 2012, and then ran for sheriff.

Lewis confirmed that Nabors worked at the law firm and said she was “very astute” for someone her age, and said she had an authoritative demeanor to keep a lawyer on schedule.

He said he decided to run for sheriff because he saw “major deficiencies” in the leadership at the sheriff’s office, said it lacked human nature and felt he could do a better job.

WATCH: Full Will Lewis testimony from day 3 of the trial

2 p.m.: Ayers read messages between himself and Nabors. She accuses him of taking money from Lewis to spy on her, and refers to herself as “his dream woman.”

Ayers said his relationship with Nabors ended several weeks, if not months, prior to those messages.

The prosecution pointed out that there are many emojis around these texts. When the prosecution asked Ayers if this was a joke, Ayers said yes.

Ayers said in court that Nabors gradually became scared, and said he was aware of some of the details between Lewis and Nabors, but not all of them.

He said he was not aware of the kiss or anything sexual in nature between Nabors and Lewis.

Ayers said Nabors felt intimidated and manipulated by Lewis.

He said he could never have openly dated Nabors, saying that deputies were instructed to leave Nabors alone.

When the prosecution asked if Lewis had found out about a relationship between him and Ayers, he said “it would not be good.”

Ayers confirmed that Nabors went to Florida to “hide out.”

1:48 p.m.: Chad Ayers testifying now for the defense.

1:42 p.m.: The judge is addressing the defense’s concerns of double jeopardy. He’s referencing a older case file, saying that those cases show a defendant cannot be convicted for the same charges in separate indictments.

The judge said the events leading to both misconduct in office charges are the same and said “at minimum” this would raise questions in the jury’s mind on how to separate the two charges. He said there’s no differentiation between the charges in the indictments.

The judge decided that he would not grant the motion, but said at the end of the trial, depending on the evidence, he may change his mind.

Solicitor Brackett argued that there’s a difference between the charges because one applied to a public official and the other applies to an elected official. He said the facts can be the same, but said the theories of liability are different.

The jury was brought back into the courtroom.

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The trial of suspended Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis will continue Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the jury heard testimony from Greenville County Sheriff’s Office’s Chief Deputy Marcus Davenport and star witness, Savanah Nabors.

Nabors testified about her interactions with Lewis, and well as how those interactions changed over time. Her testimony also detailed the taxpayer funded trip to Charlotte.

The prosecution is expected to call a few more witnesses to the stand Wednesday before the defense calls their witnesses.

Our reporter Ayla Ferrone will be in court covering the latest from the trial. Follow her Twitter feed for the latest in the case:

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