Cousin of deputy in critical condition: She’s a fighter


LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) – Florence County Investigator Farrah Turner remains in critical condition two weeks after she and six other law enforcement officers were ambushed in 
the Vintage Place neighborhood in Florence. 

On Friday, News13 spoke with Investigator Turner’s cousin, Rhonda Dollard.

Dollard says Turner is a fighter, which is why she says the new social media hashtag in her support, “#FightFarrahFight,” is fitting. 

“The first time I saw it, it came from some family members and church members. I saw it and I was like ‘Yeah, we gotta run with this.’  Let’s make sure we keep it out there. The more prayers the better,” she said. 

Dollard describes Turner as funny and laidback. She also says she is a woman of God and has a faith that is unmatched. 

“They say you only need faith the size of a mustard seed but her faith was so much bigger than that,” she said. “The Word on her shoulders at all times.”

Dollard says Turner frequently uses her position as a law enforcement officer to minister to others and encourage them to turn their lives around. 

“Just listening to some of the stories of some of the people who she has arrested that have come back just to sit and pray with her and let the family know how much of an effect she had on their lives. That part just has me on awe every time I hear it,” Dollard said. She also told News13 that Turner prayed with one man who she arrested and he eventually became a law enforcement officer. When he heard that she was injured in the ambush on October 3rd, he flew to South Carolina from Texas to meet with her family and pray for her. 

Dollard also says Turner has wanted to go into law enforcement for as long as she can remember and has always had a heart for people, especially children. When asked what she misses most, Dollard said it’s seeing Turner’s smile, which she described as “infectious.” She says her family isn’t giving up and they know Turner isn’t either. 

“The days when I feel like she’s going to be alright, I get word that she’s doing alright, she’s still in there, she’s still fighting,” she said. “So, it’s like she’s here with us spiritually, letting us know that even if we’re not at the hospital sitting with her physically, she’s letting us know: ‘I’m alright. I’m still fighting. Y’all just keep praying.’”

Dollard teaches biology at Lake City High School, which is where Investigator Turner graduated in 2000. The student body has been showing their support for Investigator Turner and sported “#FightFarrahFight” t-shirts during homecoming. They have more events planned in the near future.

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