Darlington County schools discuss back-to-school committee results at Friday meeting


DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The Darlington County School District will discuss their back-to-school committee results at 9 a.m. at Friday’s meeting.

Dr. Tim Newman, Superintendent for Darlington County schools, said in a Facebook live meeting on Wednesday the district has had many conversations about how to best handle going back to school.

“I wish that I could tell you that there was some magical answer out there for everybody, but there is not,” Newman said. “We are going to have to do the absolute best that we can, given some unknowns that we are facing. “

Newman said the district has met with principals from each of the schools to discuss what returning to school would look like, as well as visited classrooms to see how social distancing will be made possible.

The back-to-school committee is made up of about 20 people, including teachers, doctors, parents and other voices from across the community.

Newman also said they are considering two factors when deciding if they are going back to school: what the impact will be on the children from a learning, social and emotional standpoint; and the risk of COVID-19 and how it can spread to both children and staff.

Newman says the district needs to focus on returning face to face in  a five day schedule.

He also said the board needs to focus on a virtual academy that would allow students to participate virtually in a program that mirrors what’s being done face to face.


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