DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Darlington County Sheriff Tony Chavis has now been in office for 100 days and said he’s only just getting started cleaning up the county and the department.

“It’s been a challenge,” said Chavis. “But it’s one we look forward to every day.”

The Sheriff said cleaning up the streets has only been a part of his bigger goals of preventing crime in Darlington County.

“Our narcotics teams, headed by Lt. Craig Bryant, he and his team have actually seized a couple of vehicles as well in the first hundred days,” said Chavis.

He said he’s proud of the strides he and his deputies have made in better communicating with community leaders and citizens.

“Our citizens advisory committee, that team was established by the citizens of Darlington County, scattered through all parts of Darlington County,” Chavis explained.

One thing Chavis said the community has really responded to is the establishment of the Darlington County Special Victim’s Unit, aimed at helping those most vulnerable to crime.

“It’s something to take care of victims of domestic violence, crimes against children, crimes against the elderly,” Chavis detailed. “Lt. Stivender doesn’t let up and makes sure they get their justice.”

Another addition to the department’s arsenal–a property check request system–where those heading out of town can get an extra layer of security.

“If you’re going on vacation you can call us and fill out a form and a deputy will check your house while you’re out of town,” Chavis said. “That’s something that we wanted to provide for our citizens.”

Sheriff Chavis said he’s also proud of the strides made getting his deputies better protective equipment while responding to crime.

“We had officers out here in expired vests, that had been expired anywhere from one to 15 years,” said the Sheriff. “Vests only have a shelf-life of five years. An officer walking around here with a 16-year-old vest is unacceptable.”

Chavis said in the next hundred days he has one major goal: getting out of the office and onto the streets with the people.

“For these first 100 days, I find myself in the office almost every day,” Chavis explained. “I’m looking forward to getting out of the office more and more as the months progress toward the summer and get out to the people.”