Darlington Police use summer pilot program to help guide youth


DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – This week, the Darlington Police Department, with the help of the Darlington County School District started its summer pilot program aimed at rising fourth graders.

It’s called “Project Intercept.”

“This gives kids the confidence to know that they can make their own choices, they can come up with their own ideas.  You don’t have to follow someone else to be okay,” said Police Chief Danny Watson.

It’s a three week pilot program aimed at education, physical fitness and leadership.  The department targeted rising fourth graders to help keep them on the right track.

It is an extension of the program already in place throughout the school year, led by Lt. Kimberly Nelson.

“A lot of folks that are in jail in South Carolina and in the United States don’t have as much as a high school diploma.  The thing is, is if we can make opportunities.  If we can interdict kids are younger ages and get them to buy into the fact that education is key,” Watson explained.

Lt. Nelson told News13 she found, for some students; the thought of dropping out comes as early as the third grade.

Project Intercept is funded by Darlington Police and if all goes well, they hope to do it again next summer.

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