Deadline for PalmettoBaby parents to file for grant is Aug. 31


COLUMBIA, S.C.  – The deadline to complete the application process to receive a privately-funded $529 PalmettoBaby grant is Aug. 31.

South Carolina parents who gave birth on May 29, 2021, that Tuesday, can receive a privately-funded $529 PalmettoBaby grant from Future Scholar, South Carolina’s 529 College Savings Plan.

“We know being a new parent can be overwhelming, so we want to remind the parents of our PalmettoBabies to complete their newborn’s enrollment in Future Scholar and submit their completed grant application along with a copy of their child’s birth certificate by Tuesday, August 31 to receive the $529 grant for their baby’s future education,” said State Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

Loftis said parents and family members can visit to open an account, download the grant form, and start their child on the path to saving for college.

In its ninth year, the Future Scholar PalmettoBaby Grant Program is part of an annual observance of National 529 College Savings Day by the State Treasurer’s Office. Celebrated on May 29, National 529 Day is named for the section in the Internal Revenue code that created 529 plans, which include tax-advantaged savings accounts such as Future Scholar.

About Future Scholar

Future Scholar, South Carolina’s 529 College Savings Plan, is administered through the State Treasurer’s Office. For more information, visit or follow @SCStateTreasurer on Facebook. No state funds are used to market Future Scholar or fund the PalmettoBaby Grant Program.

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