Death of Baby Horry remembered after 11 years, search for answers continues


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The 11th annual ceremony brings people together 11 years after utility workers found a baby boy in a wooded area in Conway back in December of 2008.

The unidentified infant, known as ‘Baby Horry,’ was just hours old when he was abandoned, wrapped in a blanket and left in a shopping bag on Meadowbrook Road.

Today the mystery remains.

Baby Horry’s memory is kept alive on Wednesday alive with flowers, dedicated songs, and hope that one day the question why will be answered.

Emotions of grief and hope fill the hillcrest cemetery as one boy would have been 11 years old but passed away on the same day he was born this day in 2008.

Involved law enforcement officers stand beside members of the rolling thunder, who took it upon themselves to adopt the unidentified child, coordinating the annual ceremony.

Exchanging hugs during the holiday season, people wonder how someone could rip away life from an innocent child leaving him wrapped in a blanket, abandoned, and left freezing to death on the coldest day of the year.

Horry County coroner stood beside many people who remember the event, holding hands, praying to find the parents, or any answers in another year ahead. 

“It was just something that was very unusual finding a baby in the woods like that. It normally just doesn’t ever happen here, and we just never had those kinds of experiences. We have had children pass away usually around family or sick but just never one found in the woods like this,” Robert Edge, Horry County coroner, tells News13.

Why wasn’t he taken to a hospital? Or a drugstore? Or anywhere where someone could have taken charge and gotten him medical attention. These are the questions that linger for those who remember December 4, 2008 very clearly.

“It shows that she must have cared a little bit by wrapping him up so why did she make that decision to wrap it in some clothing or blanket and put it in the woods,” Edge said.

The Baby Horry case is one of two cold cases left in Horry County. The other case involving an African American male found in Ocean Creek in 2017.

Police are ready to act, but it’s been years since they have received information involving this case.

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