Dedication event held for Investigator Farrah Turner


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – It’s almost a year since two Florence law enforcement officers lost their lives after the October 3rd shooting at the Vintage Place neighborhood.

Hundreds of city officials, friends and family members gathered at the Carolina Funeral home Saturday morning for a dedication event to honor Investigator Farrah Turner.

“She gave up herself to the profession that many could never even considered, she risked and ultimately gave her life for the most vulnerable population among us,” said cousin, Attorney Britney Weaver.

It was a packed house filled with tears, laughter, and joy as many shared their memories with Investigator Farrah Turner or ‘Maxine’ as people close to her would call her.

“She had a beautiful smile, a big personality, and we would like to embody that every single day. Without us caring on her legacy with respect we fail and we refuse to lose. One thing we always say, you can’t kill what won’t die,” said Weaver.

Right after the service, there was a view on Highway 378 that family members will never forget.

“To have the community come together and what we’ve shared on this day I believe will be something that will serve as a memorial to her legacy for years and years to come. I’m so happy that so many people came to partake and witness this event,” said Ronnie Sabb, Senate District 32

A touching tribute that will forever keep her memory alive.

“This is the area that she grew up in, the road that she traveled many times and a place she kept us all safe, so it’s just fitting that this would be the place,” said Sabb.

“Farrah was amazing, she will always be amazing, so we carry that on every single day,” said Weaver.

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