Deputies in Florence County notice lower traffic deaths this holiday weekend


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – During 4th of July weekend, law enforcement officers see numerous of traffic fatalities on the roads, but the FCSO saw the lowest numbers this year.

“One fatality on our highways is way too many, but the reduction that you can see from these numbers is pretty dramatic,” said Major Mike Nunn with FCSO.

Deputies encourage drivers to buckle up, reduce speed, and not drive under the influence especially during a holiday weekend.

“There were no fatalities this fourth of July weekend and as you know it fell on a Thursday and it included more than just a weekend day,” said Major Nunn.

Recently released statistics for the period January 1 thru July 7 from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reflect a dramatic decrease in the number of fatal vehicle crashes in Florence County.

“Last year there were 21 fatalities on our roadways, and 12 this year. In 2017 that number was 18, in 2016 that number was 14 so the dramatic decrease from 21 to 12 is huge,” said Nunn.

During the holiday period the Florence County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit, part of the Special Operations Division conducted targeted traffic safety operations throughout the county. This unit focuses enforcement on the three primary causes of traffic fatalities which are speed, impaired driving and the non-use of seat belts.

“The traffic safety unit has been in existence for approximately three years. It’s obvious that police officers are on the roadways especially making traffic stops,” said Nunn.

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