Divorce rates, interest in divorce on the rise; family psychologists helping more patients


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A report from data experts and psychologists reveal the pandemic is piling pressures on married couples.

Data from experts at Semrush, an analytic company, shows divorce rates and interest in divorce are on the rise as Americans leave the pandemic. The report shows more than a 133% increase in people searching for ‘divorce lawyer near me’ from January to April of last year compared to this year.

Child psychologists say they are seeing the impacts of divorce on children firsthand. More families are turning to therapy for their children after splitting up.

Child psychologists say the surge in families getting divorced results from a few things, including fear of illness itself, financial pressure, homeschooling, and families not being in the same routine.

One doctor says he sees anxiety and depression in children like never before. “It’s been pretty horrific to see as a clinician that’s been around a number of years it’s been a whole different ball game,” said Dr. Rosen with the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders.

Doctors at The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders say divorce creates emotional turmoil for the entire family. But for kids, the situation can be pretty scary, confusing, and frustrating. During a pandemic, children had an added adjustment and challenge.

“As a child, their home is changing, falling apart, and parents aren’t talking to each other, or they are divorcing, so we see this catastrophic level of turmoil and threat for children and families as well,” Dr. Rosen said.

Eugene Levine, the head of data at an analytics company, showed News13 some data marking the peak of these searches around March of this year. Divorce was the most searched term, followed by ‘divorce lawyer’ and ‘family lawyer.’

Psychologists say that with many couples stuck in the house, homeschooling children, and financial uncertainty, there was an added strain on relationships.

Attorneys and data experts also predict a record number of divorce filings this year.

“We noticed an increase of over 130% year over year, which is a lot considering that the number of people who wanted to get divorced was not smaller a year ago. But now we see more than two times higher demand for these keywords,” Head of Data at Semrush, Eugine Levine said.

According to doctors, depression, aggressive behavior, and separation anxiety are common symptoms when kids deal with this type of divorce situation.

If a family is going through a divorce and their child’s behavior is significantly changing, medical experts say professional help may be the best call.

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