Dogs learned to embrace their inner zen, with their owners, to help animals in need of a home.

Yoga in Common, in the Market Common, invited people of all experience levels and their four-legged friends to do yoga at Grand Park, on Sunday.

The Dog Yoga event was a fundraiser for the The Sato Project, which rescues abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico. The nonprofit focuses its efforts on an area known as “Dead Dog Beach”, a spot on the island where dogs are often abandoned. The beach was also located in the eye of the storm during Hurricane Maria.

“My heart swells when I see other people coming out here to give back, not only just being with the community to unite but to recognize that there are people out there in need,” said Lisa Swanger, who organized the fundraiser.

Swanger plans to organize another Dog Yoga benefit before the end of the year. Click here more information on The Sato Project.