(WTAJ) — The National Park Service (NPS) is providing some important advice for anyone confronted by a bear: don’t push your slower friends down in an attempt to save yourself.

In a Facebook post, the NPS shared tips on what to do if you run into a bear during your outdoor adventures. “Do NOT push down a slower friend (even if you think the friendship has run its course),” they said.

Some applicable tips that don’t put your hiking partner in jeopardy include moving away slowly and sideways. This strategy allows for you to move away in a non-threatening way and keep an eye on the bear while avoiding tripping, according to the NPS.

The NPS said that like dogs, bears will chase fleeing animals. You should not run and you should not climb a tree to try and evade the bear. Both black bears and grizzlies can climb trees. If the bear follows you, stand and hold your ground.

Staying calm is the most important thing in this situation. The NPS suggests identifying yourself as a human by making noise as a way to let the bear know that you are not a prey animal.

Bears may come closer or stand on its hind legs to get a better look or smell. However, the NPS said that a standing bear is usually curious and not threatening.

“P.S. We apologize to any ‘friends’ who were brought on a hike as the ‘bait’ or were sacrificed to save the group. You will be missed,” the NPS said at the end of their post.