Dr. Jill Biden talks veterans proposal, voting in SC lowcountry


Joe Biden's wife comes to St Helena Island to talk about Joe Biden's campaign and Veterans programs

ST. HELENA ISLAND, SC (WSAV) – A former second lady is stepping up efforts to help her husband get into the White House.

Dr. Jill Biden was on St. Helena Island on Veterans Day to talk about veterans’ issues — as well as Joe Biden’s chances of becoming the next president.

“We are there for them we are going to build on what we already have and make things great for military families because we honor their service,” Dr. Biden said.

Along with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Biden in 2011 launched Joining Forces, an initiative to provide service members and their families the tools they need to succeed on a daily basis.

“We know we have a lot more to do for our returning soldiers and military members who are coming back and might need some help, say in the mental health area, who might need a little help getting a job,” she explained.

Monday’s crowd was full of veterans and supporters who wanted to hear why the former vice president should be their choice in a crowded Democratic presidential field.

“You wake up, open the morning paper and the headline is not about a late-night tweetstorm but it is about the children that will benefit from universal pre-k,” said Dr. Biden. “They are talking about how we are going to build on the Affordable Care Act, and they are reporting that finally, finally someone is standing up to the NRA and protecting our children.

“And when they cut to the President of the United States you don’t turn the channel.”

The co-author of the Joining Force initiative also implored Americans on this Veterans Day — and any day — to think about the military men and women in their area.

“Whatever your strength is, help a military family. Go over and say what can I do?” Dr. Biden said, adding that she knows firsthand what even a small act of kindness can mean.

Her son Beau was deployed to Iraq the last time Joe Biden ran for office, as vice president in 2008. Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015.

“I know myself from my own son who was deployed to Iraq for a year it was hard for my daughter in law and their children,” she said. “So anything you can do: take a pizza over on a Friday night, stick a note in the mailbox ‘Thank you for your service.’ Commit to an act of kindness.”

Dr. Biden believes this election, this is the time for Joe Biden to move into the top office in the nation.

“He knows all the foreign leaders he has all the experience, he will be ready to take over in office day one,” she said. “He doesn’t have to learn the job and I think he’ll be a president we will all be proud of and respect.”

Joe Biden is almost 10 points up in the latest 2020 South Carolina Democratic Primary polls. That election is February 29, 2020.


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