During heatwave National Weather Service bakes biscuits in a hot car


OMAHA, NE (CNN NEWSOURCE) – As many states across the country face extreme heat in the coming days, the National Weather Service decided to run a little experiment.

The NWS team in Omaha decided to test how hot it was by placing four biscuits on a baking sheet on the dashboard of a car sitting in the sun.

After an hour the pan reached a temperature of 175.2 degrees and the biscuit tops reached 153 degrees.

The back seat, which was in the shade clocked in at 120.4 degrees.

After baking in the sun for nearly eight hours the outsides of the biscuits were baked enough to be considered edible. However, the middle was still “pretty doughy” the team said.

The pan maxed out at a scorching 185 degrees!

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