Local political parties prepare for Democratic primary


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Local Democratic and GOP party chapters are preparing for Saturday’s Democratic primary elections.

The Horry County Democratic Party says they have been making phone calls, ensuring voters know where and when to vote, as well as answering their questions.

Presidential candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tom Steyer will visit the Grand Strand this week.

Horry County Democratic Party chairman Donald Kohn says his office is working to bring crowds to their campaign trails.

“This is an election that’s going to be important for everybody and everybody should be taking it very seriously. Everybody should be getting out to vote,” said Kohn.

Kohn says the African-American vote in the last three state primaries were not the numbers the party was hoping for. He says Saturday’s election in South Carolina is crucial.

“Everybody we’ve talked to in the African American community is taking this seriously. They’re going to be out to vote and we will see who wins,” said Kohn.

South Carolina has open primaries – meaning Republicans are allowed to vote in this year’s Democratic primary. However, the Horry County GOP advises against it.

“If you were a Republican and voted in the Democratic primary on Saturday all the candidates, all the Democratic party candidates, will get your name, address, phone number and stuff. And harass you to death,” said Robert Rabon, director of Victory 2020.

Some Republicans vote in Democratic primaries with the intent to elect a “weak” Democratic candidate. Some Democrats vote with the same strategy in Republican primaries.

Horry County GOP says Republicans should wait until November to vote for their president.

“We just ignore it. The democrats have their primary and I’m happy for them. I hope it goes well for them. Like I said, until November,” said Rabon.

On Thursday Horry County GOP will have a grand opening of the Victory 2020 office for the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Governor McMaster will be a guest speaker for the ceremony and dinner will be provided.

The Horry County Democratic Party encourages all voters to watch the Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday.

“We want everyone to watch the debate [Tuesday] night, so they’re as ready as possible to go vote,” said Kohn.

Registered voters can find their polling place by clicking here.

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